Viewpoint Consulting Group, Inc. tailors market research to meet the specific needs of the client. Select the types of research below to learn more about the services that Viewpoint Consulting Group can provide for your next project.

Initial Market Assessment

Initial Market Assessments are often requested by clients to assist with "go/no go" decisions on proposed developments. Initial Market Assessments analyze key information on demographic trends and the competitive supply to determine the strength of a market. If enough potential exists to support a proposed development the next level of research is a Full Market Feasibility Study which can be conducted at a later date. 

Full Market Feasibility Study 

Full Market Feasibility Studies deliver in-depth analysis of the factors that influence the viability of a proposed development. In addition to detailed information on the site location, demographic trends, economic conditions, and competitive market, Full Market Feasibility Studies provide recommendations and absorption projections for the proposed development concept. Clients often recommend Full Market Feasibility Studies to determine the appropriate market positioning of their development, to assist with their proforma, and to satisfy lender criteria. 

Viewpoint Consulting Group, Inc. can conduct Full Market Feasibility Studies for all types of housing. We have experience conducting studies on multifamily developments financed through the following government programs: HUD Section 202, HUD Section 221(d), HUD Section 232, Rural Development Section 515, and the Section 42 Housing Tax Credit (HTC) program. 

Each Full Market Feasibility Study includes the following: 

  • A review of the appropriateness of the site location for the proposed development

  • Analysis of demographic growth trends and characteristics as they relate to the target market for the proposed development

  • Analysis of economic conditions, job growth trends, and major employers in the proposed development's surrounding area

  • Inventory and survey of the competitive supply, including detailed information on each competitive property's characteristics (e.g., age, size, structure type) and performance (e.g., pricing and occupancy)

  • Inventory of planned and proposed development that may increase the future competitive supply

  • Calculation of unmet demand in the primary draw area and a projection of the portion of unmet demand that can be captured by the proposed development

  • Recommendations on a development concept that will successfully capture demand and reach stabilized occupancy

  • Projection of the absorption rate of the proposed development concept

Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment

Viewpoint Consulting Group offers comprehensive housing needs assessments to provide government agencies with calculations of future housing needs and provide specific recommendations on developments appropriate to meet these needs. Comprehensive housing needs assessments are multipurpose and can be used as planning aids, to solicit interest from private developers, and to obtain funding for specific developments. Government clients include municipalities, counties, housing and redevelopment authorities, and community development agencies.

Comprehensive housing needs assessments are tailored to meet the specific need of the client. They typically include the following: 

  • A review of the community's demographic growth trends and characteristics

  • A review of economic conditions and job growth

  • Interviews with housing professionals, city officials, major employers, and other community leaders to obtain local perspective on housing needs 

  • An inventory of the existing housing stock, including information on performance, such as pricing, occupancy, absorption, and buyer/renter profiles

  • Calculations of unmet demand for the various housing types

  • Recommendations on specific housing products to satisfy the unmet demand

Customized Market Research

Viewpoint Consulting Group, Inc. can tailor a scope of services for a specific research assignment. This may include a comparison analysis of multiple areas to identify markets with the greatest potential for a new development to a rent analysis and more. Call us to learn more about how we can help with your research needs.

We provide market analysis on the following types of real estate:


Rental Housing

Market Rate Housing 
Affordable Housing (LIHTC)

Senior Housing

Assisted Living
Memory Care
Enhanced Care Suites
Transitional Care

Comprehensive Housing Needs

Rental Housing
Senior Housing
Single Family Homes
Special Needs