Consulting & Research to help you reach your goals

We tailor market research to meet the needs of the client. Assignments can range from preliminary estimates of demand to full market feasibility studies for specific developments. 

We also offer comprehensive housing needs assessments to provide government agencies with calculations of future housing demand and recommendations on housing types to meet the identified demand.

  • Market Rate Rental Housing

  • Affordable and Subsidized Rental Housing

  • Senior Housing (Independent, Assisted Living, Memory Care, Enhanced Care, and Transitional Care)

  • Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment

Viewpoint Consulting Group, Inc.




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Viewpoint Consulting Group provides market analysis to the real estate industry focusing on housing.

We are available to assist property owners, developers, builders, investors, lenders, and government agencies in making informed decisions regarding the market potential of real estate developments.

Real Estate Market Research

Viewpoint Consulting Group provides market analysis for the following types of real estate developments: